Qualcomm exec says eight-core processors are dumb


Will he still think so when Qualcomm inevitably introduces one? Or when Motorola advertises an eight-core chip with a Qualcomm Snapdragon inside? Oh wait, that already happened. Reminds me of the famous Bill Gates quote about how "640K ought to be enough for anybody" where PC memory is concerned.

Except for two things: Bill Gates probably never uttered the famous statement, and the Motorola comparison would require quoting Qualcomm's Chandrasekher out of context. Unlike the Motorola X8, which comes with two eight cores but only two CPU cores, Chandrasekher was talking about a chip with eight CPU cores specifically, where the mere fact that it has eight cores is the selling point. He was saying that there needs to be a balance between the various components in a chip, not a race towards core count the way we raced for megahertz and megapixels.

Still funny.

Via Engadget