What Does Microsoft have to do to make Surface Pro 2.0 a Success?

After last week's reveal that the total revenue was less than $900M for the Surface RT and Surface Pro combined, there is little room for pretending that the Surface Pro is a market Success. I wanted to wait to hear this week's Windows Weekly before posing this question. I wanted to know what PT and MJ had to say about the situation. As it happens, they had plenty to say, and none of it was good.

It strikes me that the Surface Pro is exactly the machine that fans said they wanted. It has connection ports, an active digitizer, and full, Windows compatibility. It had competitive hardware specs to the market leader. It covered all the talking points and check-boxes. The only thing it didn't have going for it was price, oh, and that little storage problem. Even so, Windows is a huge OS, and the hardware is not cheap, probably well worth it. So, how do they make it more appealing in the next go around?

What are they missing? Do they need to add a second USB port, a bigger, or smaller display, the full version of Office, a beverage holder? What?

I can't say I have seen a lot of advertising for the Surface Pro. Then again, I don't watch much live TV. It struck me that the latest round of ads aimed at the iPad could not use either Surface for a while because the price was not comparable. Only after the drastic reduction of the RT price did it make an appearance in one of those ads. Yet, somehow, I do not believe that marketing is the answer. Everyone knows about the Surface. They are just not interested in buying it.

That is where I would like to focus this thread. What changes does Microsoft need to make to the next Surface Pro to make it attractive to the mass market? What would make it more appealing than an iPad? Better yet, forget about the iPad. The Surface Pro doesn't even have a significant percentage of loyal Windows users. What will it take?