Why do people still seem to hate on the Xbox One?

I will personally be getting the Xbox One, instead of the PS4, not only because of the 'Xbox 180', but because of the new exclusive titles that were announced for the Xbox One. Since Microsoft reversed the DRM and Used games policies, I expected to see a major decrease in Xbox One hate, but they seems to be almost as much even after the policy changes. I don't really understand it. At this point, the consoles are virtually the same. Yes, the Xbox does cost $100 more than the PS4, but the premium price is justified in the addition of the Kinect with every Xbox One. Similar specs, similar controllers, and if you add the PS4 camera to the price of the PS4, just to even things out, a very similar price. The only reasons you could have for choosing one or the other rely on personal preference; which controller do you like better, are you willing to pay the extra $100 for the Kinect, and most importantly, which console has a better selection of services/features/exclusive titles that are more appealing to you. If the consoles are so similar, almost exactly the same give or take a few things, the only major difference is the exclusive titles. If you like one consoles exclusives better, pick that one, and stop hating the other console. You made your decision, let other people make another decision and call it even.