There is nothing more instantly dangerous to the average relationship than screwing up the TV.

It’s just a fact, crystallized in 50 years of jokes about remote controls: who’s holding it, how complicated it is, how many there are. Unlike almost every other piece of technology in your home, the TV is shared space, and the delicate politics of that space are potentially explosive. The TV industry moves slowly because it understands this; the early adopter curve is forever depressed by arguments over glitchy interfaces and missed recordings that are really just proxy battles for arguments about distance and commitment and doing the dishes.

These were the thoughts going through my head late last Saturday night as I struggled to install the new TiVo Roamio Pro, a $599 DVR that lets you record 450 hours of HD programming on six channels at once, and stream it all to iPads over your home Wi-Fi. (And soon, over any Wi-Fi anywhere.) It also has Netflix, Spotify, and a YouTube app with basic Chromecast support. It is a remarkable and ambitious product, and very likely the best cable box ever made.

But until my Cablecard activated correctly, it was just a dead box sitting under a blank TV, threatening my marriage.

This better be worth it.