Building A Haswell Desktop

To I would like to say that I know that it is a little early to be building a Haswell desktop but I am in a rush to get it done before school starts.

So has anyone built one yet and how did it go. Also I am seriously debating to go no graphics card as I am not a very serious gamer and the Haswell processors have a pretty decent graphics power compared to the ivy bridge models. I've done lots of research (mostly AnandTech) and have come up with a pretty good idea of what case, processor, and SSD I wanted. The rest of it (mostly power supply, motherboard, and network adapters) I have very little idea what to get. Also I have HDD's sitting at home that I plan to install and need the multiple HDD bays offered in ATX cases. My first comment below has some more information.

I'd appreciate any input from anybody, and even though this post makes me sound kind of clueless about computers, I think I do have a decent grasp on computers.

Here is what I have so far:

Update: I have changed my build significantly. Changes include a 80 Bronze Plus 600W PSU, a Radeon 7790 Graphics Card, an H87 (instead of Z87), 2 sticks of 4gb RAM, and removal of both a Wireless Network Adapter and CPU Cooler.
Now I have some questions:
1. Do I need to get a Wired Network Adapter or does it come with the case?
2. Is my Motherboard OK?
3. Are there any other glaring faults that anyone can see?