Building A Haswell Desktop

To I would like to say that I know that it is a little early to be building a Haswell desktop but I am in a rush to get it done before school starts.

So has anyone built one yet and how did it go. Also I am seriously debating to go no graphics card as I am not a very serious gamer and the Haswell processors have a pretty decent graphics power compared to the ivy bridge models. I've done lots of research (mostly AnandTech) and have come up with a pretty good idea of what case, processor, and SSD I wanted. The rest of it (mostly power supply, motherboard, and network adapters) I have very little idea what to get. Also I have HDD's sitting at home that I plan to install and need the multiple HDD bays offered in ATX cases. The Post I linked in my comments below.

I'd appreciate any input from anybody, and even though this post makes me sound kind of clueless about computers, I think I do have a decent grasp on computers. Here is what I have so far:

Update: I have changed my build significantly. Changes include a 80 Bronze Plus 600W PSU, a Radeon 7790 Graphics Card, an H87 (instead of Z87), 2 sticks of 4gb RAM, and removal of both a Wireless Network Adapter and CPU Cooler.

Now I have some questions:
1. Do I need to get a Wired Network Adapter or does it come with the case?
2. Is my Motherboard OK?
3. Are there any other glaring faults that anyone can see?
Because I am going to be adding HDD's about how much power does a HDD require. RIght now the website is saying the system without the HDD's uses 300W and I have 600W power supply, so I should be ok, right?