The Fingerprint Sensor: It Just Might Change Everything.

Take your average Toshiba Satellite lappy, with an average Toshiba fingerprint sensor. When faced with your lockscreen, a single swipe, and ta-dah! You're in! Where've we seen this before? Slide. To. Unlock.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I think is a great idea for what is purported to be the S-feature of the year.

It looks very Apple-y to me. Just register your fingerprint once in the Settings app, and voila! You won't even have to be aware of any special security feature, annoying passwords, etc.

It all happens when you slide to unlock, i.e. Apple could incorporate the sensor into the touchscreen itself, and it does the needful when you slide. It changes nothing, but it also changes everything.

What do you think? Is it possible with today's tech (honest question. I'm a bit of a jackass when it comes to the finer points of today's tech)? Or am I just off on another of my pointless rants?