Required reading for Verge Staff, Microsoft Trolls: 4 Misconceptions of MS

The level of ignorance of Microsoft's business on this site and other tech sites is often gaffaw-inspiring. Innocent mistakes are small and large, but mostly it's bad reporting and a lack of thinking like a consumer, instead of a myopic device junkie whose understanding of business and economics is balancing a checkbook and relying on the "business and sales people" to keep the business afloat.

So, here's a somewhat incomplete (and very wrong about mobile) summary of what Microsoft actually does, how its business is growing and is not crumbling, including its core OS business:

Forbes article

-- Did you know: Microsoft has grown its business every year for over 20 years?

-- Did you know: Windows 8 is installed on over 60 million devices in its first 9 months, with well over 100 million licenses sold in channel? Plus over 600 million of Windows 7.

By comparison, OSX's entire install base is believed to be 70 million total. All versions over many, many years. iPad has sold somewhat over 100 million units since its introduction nearly 3 years ago. And an iPad is often complementary and not usually a replacement for a PC or Mac.

BTW, I use W8 desktop and a Macbook Pro which is fantastic.

-- Did you know that Microsoft's Business and Servers & Tools divisions keep growing solidly, despite being in mature markets?
"The truth is that according to its most recent earnings report, Microsoft’s Business division grew 14% last quarter, strong results for a mature business. Further, its often overlooked Servers and Tools division has put up double digit growth for over a decade and is a formidable enterprise business in its own right.

A more honest assessment would be that, while the enterprise is an incredibly competitive area in which you need to service highly demanding and well informed CIO’s, Microsoft has ruled it for decades. While no one has a birthright, so far there has been no data to indicate any decline in this area."

Did you know: Zune is awesome? If you laugh, then you haven't used it. (just ask Joanna Stern, former Verge staffer) I still use mine and on my WP8. But did you also know that Microsoft has made some stupid decisions regarding Zune? I do, too. Like not continuing it and not changing its branding to Xbox and building that abomination that is the Xbox Music client.

Did you know that this is an awesome, if not entirely accurate but often true, quote, from the Forbes article? "The ugly truth is that many of the people who write about the technology business aren’t experts about technology or business, but gadget freaks and fanboys (and girls). They read the technology press, pick the facts they like and ignore the rest. That’s not helpful. In fact, it borders on fraudulent."

I exempt Tom Warren from the above because he's fair, informative, even-handed, thorough and handsome.