Camera Noob

Hey guys and girls, so I am a complete Camera noob, but I have started to become interested in it. I have started to read up on things, and I'm starting to understand all the lingo and so on. Anyways I have seen some of the imagines in this forums and there nothing short of amazing so I come here for advice on 2 question.

  1. Me and my GF want to get a decent Camera together, I was thinking to start off with a decent CSC, its quiet small for her to carry around and they offer good optics and you can change lenses. I have taken a look at some of the NEX series from Sony and they seemed great, some nice controls APS-C sensors which look good and they felt like they were well made. I also tried out a few other brands and the RX 100 seems to have some amazing reviews too. Anyways I wanted some advice on what camera is good for us to start of with and pick up all the traits of a photography, this is just a hobby. Budget is around $500.
  2. I have read so much but I have no idea which sites are the most respected in terms of knowledge and reviews so could you supply me with some sites and and posts to read, just assume I know nothing about cameras.

Thanks a million guys and girls.