Why My Dead Nexus Made Me Want An iPhone

Last night was a bit of a harrowing one for me- out of nowhere, for no rhyme or reason, my unlocked Galaxy Nexus died. Completely. As in, never turning back on again, ever, died.

Now, I have completely integrated my digital life into Google. I use Google services for everything, can't imagine not having Google Now on my device now that I've grown accustomed to it, and snobbishly consider myself so illuminated for having shed my expensive carrier contracts for a prepaid sim card and Google's unlocked Nexus program. "These fools don't know what they're missing!" I would think to myself as I paid less than half of what my contracted friends paid per month, for arguably better service, on a device that would receive each and every software goody released by Google months before they even knew what they were.

But then... it died. My phone crapped out on me the night before what is probably the most important work week of my entire career thus far, and left me in quite a dilemma- Do I just buy a Nexus 4 on Google Play? But that device is old, and I've waited this long, shouldn't I hold out for the next Nexus or inevitable Google Play Edition Moto X? Should I just buy some cheapo unlocked phone from Amazon to hold me over until then? What should I do??

Well, I started researching... and what I found was pretty bleak. In a nutshell, I was really hoping to avoid spending $300 on a new Nexus 4 as I am quite keen on the Moto X and have been salivating over the prospect of a Google Play Edition unit to call me own since before it was officially unveiled. So I scoured the internet in hopes of finding a decent Android device in the $150-$200 range... but they, quite literally, do not exist. Cheap, laggy, crap devices running Android 2.3 from Samsung still run $200-240 unlocked, and the reviews on comparable units from companies like Blu, etc., left me far too nervous to spend anything at all. Even walking into a brick and mortar Tmobile store, I found that a Huawei Prism 2, a device that took almost 6 seconds to even register a single tap on a screen that looked like it sat three inches beneath a muddy puddle, cost about $180 unlocked...

And that's when I remembered reading something here on The Verge about this wondrous new machines being installed in Apple Stores that would enable cheap, quick, in-house iPhone repairs, all across the country, and it immediately dawned upon me that that very well may be the iPhone's most appealing feature, ultimately.

It got me thinking about the impending iPhone 5C (or whatever it will be called), and how if Apple truly does make the iPhone a viable option for a contract-free "illuminated" snob like me come September, I really might be tempted to jump from my beloved card-infused ship.

The option to take my device into a store and get a screen, or a camera, or a motherboard repaired within the span of a single appointment, for $149 is truly appealing enough to make me forgo my love for Google Now and her lovely, lovely cards. However sad I might be to lose them.

Curious to see what September brings.

As for myself, a shiny new (old) Nexus 4 is headed my way as we speak.