BestBuy PS4 Pre-Order

I have a question about pre-ordering a PS4 through BestBuy. If you go over to their website, and click on in-store pickup for the PS4, it appears that every BestBuy in my area (a major metropolitan city) is available for a launch-day pickup of the PS4. I went through the check-out process, and it says my pick-up day will be Nov 15th, and it will be held until Nov 23rd.

But honestly, that just seems impossible given that the PS4 is already sold-out everywhere for pre-orders and a launch day pickup. So does anyone have any insight into how BestBuy handles these types of pre-orders? All my confirmation email says is that the pre-order release date is Nov 15th, and it also contains this bit:

Your order contains at least one pre-ordered item which will be available at the store on the release date.

I would just like to know if my pre-order actually guarantees me a PS4 on launch day, because if not, I may go to walmart on the 24th to try to secure one.