If Apple ever makes a push into gaming, how would they do it?

First off, when talking about gaming, I'm not talking about software. I know there's loads of great apps on iOS and games for Mac (thought not as many as Windows). What I'd like to speak about is hardware.

There's been rumors of an Apple gaming console, albeit few and far between. I'd like to hear your take on this idea. I, personally, believe Apple will simply refresh the Apple TV and push more games to run on it based on iOS apps. The remote for it would be updated to include the game controls with a touchpad and gaming buttons.

Also, what I most crave, is a dedicated gaming computer. A Macbook and iMac tailored to gamers. Powerful dedicated graphics cards, retina displays and hardwares specifically designed for gaming such as processors focused on brute force rather than multitasking etc. The point would be for them to remain in a similar price range as the existing Pro models. They could call them Macbook G or iMac G; something like that.

Let's hear some theorycrafting.