Tablets + Ultrabook

The Nexus 7's cheap price tag made me lust over the thought of impulse buying it... but since I have an android phone currently, there's 0 point.

I'm a university student. I move around a lot. And I love tech.

The thought of a RT based 7-8 inch Surface/Lumia tablet excites me. But can I justify the purchase?

The problem is I now have an incredibly potent ultrabook - the Acer Aspire S7. And I'll soon upgrade to the next wave of windows phones - either samsung's GS4 carbon copy for WP, or any of Nokia's wonderful handsets. I'm even open to the Lumia 925 if it lands on AT&T (I'm personally staying away from HTC). Does it actually give me anymore productivity? An 8inch form factor fits snuggly between my 13.3 inch computer and my 4-5 inch phone. But what then, can I use it for?

If anything, if and when I get that windows phone, the nexus 7 becomes more attractive. It offers a new ecosystem, a cheap price tag, and a "middle ground". It also patches the loss of apps that windows phone have. Yes, I see WP + Nexus7 as a potent combo.

But still, it's only plausible because the nexus 7 is so cheap for it's quality. Any other android tablet is automatically out of the race because they aren't useful or good enough to justify their price.

Even if RT is everything I dream of (cheap price points, bug fixes so that it is a smooth experience, and keeps its pace of app support), can I justify it? I bring my laptop with me everywhere, and it has 7 hours of battery. It's thin and light anyways, and can do everything an RT tablet can do, and more - run x86 apps.

I guess the short answer is no. Tablets are kind of unnecessary when you have an ultrabook. Are they? I want to believe.

(Note: If I had used a desktop or a more powerful laptop (15" 5lb and 5 hour battery life) I'd totally justify a tablet purchase)