Droid Maxx no longer sold in Verizon stores? Store told me a memo limits it to online sales only.

I stopped in a local Verizon store today and asked the 2 clerks if they had the Droid Maxx. Both looked me in the eye and said that they just received a memo today stating that due to limited production stock, retail stores would not be getting the phone, and all orders must be made online. Is this true? This sounds absurd to me.

I did look around, and they did not have the new Droids there. The ad on the window was for the Droid DNA still. This was the Las Vegas store on Civic Center.

As I am an unlimited customer, you'd think a store would be delighted to get $700 or so from me (price on Verizon's home page). They didn't even ask about my account, just told me about the memo, said it was stupid and shocking, and wished me well.

:( Looks like I'll be rocking my Droid Charge and its failing battery a while longer yet.