Paul Thorrott tells the truth about the Youtube controversy

In What The Tech the only non biased tech blogger Paul Thuroutt in a simple and effective way why Microsoft did nothing wrong during the Youtube Controversy, and why Google is a scary and evil company.

Here is a good quote from the podcast.

Microsoft have been very forthcoming. A high level executive wrote a very detailed blog post explaining what happened, and people say, "I don't understand how you complain about Google, you say that you only know half of the story". Common sense tells us that if you actually believe that there is some version of this story where Google comes out in the clear or that Microsoft was the one which was wrong, you are not paying attention. If you take Microsoft's story of being the far right and some Google story being the far left, and there is a middle ground. In the middle ground Google still looks like shit. I'm sorry, you can be as pro Google as you what to be, but I can't imagine why you would be because this company is insidious, and needs to be stopped. I got get it, to me this is very clear cut. But this is how people defend themselves, but so do guilty people.