Would you buy a USD 207 Surface RT?

If there was an opportunity for you to buy a 32GB Surface RT at USD 207 (strictly the 32GB model Surface RT) (it's a college offer btw - SGD266), would you make an impulse buy or hold back?

I'm going to be straightforward here and say I'd probably not buy it because:

  • Windows RT is pretty limiting for now (8.1 would bring improvements but not a lot), and the limited desktop mode is really unsuitable for a screen that small
  • I'll only get a little more than 16GB free space
  • I'll have to pay more for a 'laptop' experience i.e. buying it with the Touch Type Cover, so in total would cost USD 306 and that's still a good deal but it won't replace a laptop
  • I'd get a Surface Pro instead of this because the full desktop is the way to go
  • Microsoft is probably having a fire sale due to either poor sales or the impending Surface 2

So what do you think? I'm wondering whether this will be a unanimous "buy it" despite what I have listed, or will someone say no as well?