Cannot Find "90 Seconds on the Verge" Podcast

So I am subscribed to "90 Seconds on the Verge" podcast in iTunes and it regularly updates.

However, I did a search for it using Apple's notoriously bad iTunes Store search engine to find the "90 Seconds on the Verge" podcast and it does not come up. I was able to find this in the past and subscribe to it, but now its gone (despite the fact that this podcast regularly updates).

I've tried "90 Seconds" and "The Verge" as search terms as well as the full title. No luck.

Is this problem something caused by the podcast metadata specified by The Verge, or is this just another reason that Apple should invest more in the technology they use for discover in the iTunes store?

Keep in mind... if I go to the "90 Seconds on The Verge" podcast in iTunes desktop software (under my current subscriptions) and then choose "Show in iTunes Store" it takes me to The Vergecast. It is as if the two podcasts are sharing the same identifier even though I am subscribed to both and they update separately.

It's kinda hard to share this podcast with somebody if I cannot find it in the store.