My Experience with Android (switched from WP and user of iPad)

I have been using Galaxy S4 from past one week with normal Touchwiz and 4.2.x.

I am going to touch normal aspects about Android (specifically not limited to touchwiz or some skin) , I never used stock Android , so I might be wrong at some places.I am also going to mention some hardware aspects.

Setting Default Apps :

This is one of the best things I liked , Neither iOS/WP offer this.For example if someone shared a link , I am forced to use Safari or IE but on Android , I am not stuck with a single browser.

Its the same case with many things.User has the right to choose default app for performing an action.

Google Now : This would be more like Siri V Google Now

Siri may be great in US and some other countries.Google Now is actually miles ahead of Siri in my opinion.It recognizes different accents very well and its much more accurate most of the times.Interface is very nice.

Even Voice dictation works far better on Android compared to iOS.

Another aspect I like is , How fast It Gives results.Sometimes , Siri feels very slow but Google Now is very responsive/fast.

S-Voice is garbage , So I turned off options for it as much as possible.

Voice assistance on WP is still not very good.

Customization :

Not a fan of widgets and used to think that widgets are waste.However I changed my opinion a bit.

I can find weather widget/stocks widget on iOS to be useful and there so many widgets on Android (not a limited selection)

I set a music player widget which I find very useful.

If I want to listen to music , I just press play button.Want to do bluetooth streaming ?

>>Swipe down for NC

>>Turn ON BT and select device

>>Press play on music player widget

Its very straight forward and simple.

The clock widget shows time with big and clear font , weather widget shows me weather etc.

I can go on and on , with lot of examples.

Live Wallpaper is nice but After two days , I almost forgot the fact that I have kept a Live wallpaper.

Its definitely a good option to have , along with normal static wallpaper.

I think lot of aspects on Android felt very user friendly.

Another aspect is keyboards , which I want to try.

Can someone suggest me a keyboard ? I haven't tried much because stock keyboard felt OK to use and I have been busy from a week.

Hardware :

Having hardware choice is another great aspect.There is so much choice for a consumer.

I personally liked GS4 for some obvious reasons :

Physical Center Button (which can ALSO be used for waking up) , Sideway wake up button instead on top , removable battery , SD-slot etc.

Camera is great for daylight shots , Nice screen (HD AMOLED actually felt nice compared to previous phones)

Google Services/Integration :

Not much to speak about. WP users know this pretty well.

Apps/Games :

Social Integration and Sharing options are far better on Android and iOS has been on catch-up on this aspect ever since iOS 5.

Email , Custom SMS Apps , Gmail , Google set of Apps etc.

Utility Apps are great on Android.Multimedia is great.Not much to talk about apps.

Video Players are very good , They play almost any format and also have ability to select audio stream/subtitle etc.

I admit that graphic intensive games are way better on iOS because of optimization but normal games are equal to both.Most of the games are free (Ad supported ofc).

Browser :

This is one aspect I didn't like much.Chrome feels laggy and Stock browser is jerky.

I tried Next and Boat browsers which are fluid/nice but yet to try other suggestions given by users.

So now , no problems.

More to Experience....

This has been my experience with Android.Its been only a week..........