Microsoft doesn't deserve Windows Phone success.

For everyone who moans that bloggers/the tech press are 'against Microsoft', consider first that Microsoft is working against themselves.

I've just decided to see if the Zune desktop client replacement, "Windows Phone app for desktop", had come out of 'preview' stage. Guess what? It hasn't.

Windows Phone 8 launched in October 2012.


  • "Windows Phone app for desktop" - still is in preview stages
  • Opens iTunes to sync music (I mean, come on, really!?)
  • Still lacks behind Zune in functionality
  • Doesn't seem to have been updated in a while

On top of this (old stuff, yeh still frankly abysmal) - just really showing how little they care about the OS:

  • Lack of updates from MS (Nokia has released a lot - Glance, Storage check, call blocking, screen profiles etc)
  • Lack of new hardware support (yet again, just like with WP7)
  • The Facebook app is still rubbish (We only JUST got photo attachment support and in line tagging...)
  • Skype integration is still pathetic
  • Windows Phone 7 discontinued (Yeh, still a bad path really)
  • YouTube app issues (blame whoever, Microsoft delivers and then takes away)
  • Enthusiast program announced but silently dropped
  • User voice overwhelmingly ignored for years
  • Can't encourage partners to create devices - Microsoft should do all it can to get Samsung, HTC, LG, Dell, Huawei and Acer to release more devices, most on that list have dropped out quiet.
  • There's STILL a lack of coherence between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. I'd love to see gestures employed across both, they should have done this - swipe down to close an app, swipe in from the side to cycle through
  • Still no on device search
  • Only just got FM radio back (wtf?)
  • Facebook notifications and toasts don't work properly and haven't for months, when the messaging app does show you Facebook messages it's random, sporadic and half arsed.
  • Shitty lacklustre marketing from MS, as usual, still.
  • I really don't think Microsoft deserves anything, they're not even trying, not by a long shot.
As a company:
  • Xbox One announcements are dire, too little too late, constant changes - i've overheard so many conversations in public/at work where people think X,Y,Z about the Xbox One, they're going to lose sales, so many people are misinformed, not because of the media, but because of a shoddy effort by MS
  • Surface RT - beautiful hardware, crappy performance, typing experience not as it was cracked up to be
  • Windows RT is, no not even getting into it
  • Touch isn't being embraced at all, touch lines are not really selling or available either, vast majority of consumer devices don't have touch - those that do are awkward, expensive, or ugly.
  • Xbox Music doesn't stand up well to Spotify and other competitors

And yeh before you call me a 'troll', I've had my fair share of Windows Phone's, the latest one being a beautiful £550 Nokia Lumia 925, which thanks to Nokia is great, but handicapped because MS can't get their house in order.