Some things Microsoft could do with Windows Phone 8.1

I know we see these a lot, but I wanted to see what people thought of each of the following features and if Microsoft should/will implement them...
I think (obviously subjective yada yada yada) that if Microsoft can deliver the following over the next 4 months, they can stand in a position where they can increase the allure of the platform for new customers (even with a new version of iOS coming), help integrate their ecosystems more compellingly, increase the satisfaction of long time users and early adopters and help improve the standing of the platform with competitors.

  • Allow a multitude of custom theme colours in the say way they are allowing it on Windows RT/8 (Ease of use, eco system integration)
  • Use swipe down to close an application (Ease of use, eco system integration)
  • Swipe in front the left hand edge to swipe through open applications (Ease of use, eco system integration)
  • On device search (Catch-up)
  • Landscape Start screen and apps (As phones get bigger, it seems to make sense) + rotation lock
  • Picture password AND live wallpaper/changing wallpaper for the lock screen (like the Samsung like wallpaper application) (Catch-up / eco system intergration )
  • Custom SMS/Email/app sounds (changing the sounds for app notifications like Facebook etc) (Catch -up)
  • In-built speed test in Wifi and Mobile network (Differentiating new feature)
  • Some form of notification centre (Catch-up)
  • Integrate Skype properly within the OS (Integration)
  • Add call and sms blocking into the OS (like how Nokia has on the Amber update) (Catch-up)
  • Separate volume controls (Catch-up)
  • Complete their desktop sync software (Catch-up)
  • Add a new dimension to live tiles [give more functionality in them] (Differentiating new feature)
  • Roll out the Glance feature to all Windows Phones (or similar, with app notifications on screen too) (Differentiating new feature)
  • Give developers deeper access into the OS - I'd love to see a HTC clock style application, and battery live tile information that updates properly. [im not a developer, but I continually see developers saying there are certain API limitations and can't do certain things with ease] (Catch up - I assume)
  • Improve app store search (Annoyance fixing)
  • Automatically pin new app installs (so behaviour is similar to Windows 8/RT) (Eco system integration)