Master Matsumoto

When Matsumoto first came to these shores, he met a precocious young hacker who was strong in the way of Perl, which had many practitioners then.

"Matsumoto," the young man said, "why should I learn your foreign Ruby? I am strong in the way of Perl, and I have yet to find a problem it is not flexible enough to solve."

Matsumoto smiled his kind smile and said, "One does not learn Ruby for oneself. One learns Ruby for others."

"Ha," the young man said, "then your way is not for me. I am not the cooperating type. I work on my own projects and my projects alone. No one but me reads my code."

Matsumoto bowed his head and said, "All hackers cooperate, even you."

"You are a fool, Matsumoto! Did I not just say I work alone?"

To this Matsumoto said, "Even he who works alone, cooperates with all the men he was and will become."

Upon hearing this, the young man was enlightened.

(I wrote this hacker koan for the Ruby subreddit awhile ago. I thought people might like it)