Here's my iOS 7 inspired dock!




I'm very happy with the way it is now. I used these two sources: and But neither had exactly what I wanted so I made some adjustments to both of them to make them play nicely together, and made a few of them myself if I didn't like the options I found from them.

The Contacts, Reminders, Notes, and Photos icons came as is from Tristan Edwards. I think these are great examples of using the iOS 7 style in an OS X way.

Photobooth, Mail, Messages, and Game Center came from icreatemagazine. I had to make adjustments though because these icons take up the entire canvas and end up being way bigger on the dock than they should be. If you tried to used the icons from here you may have noticed that. I resized each of these and added a very slight (almost invisible) drop shadow to match the Tristan Edwards icons. Without the drop shadow, the bottoms of the icons merge right into the dock and it doesn't look good.

Launchpad, Mission Control, Safari, and Calculator I did myself (I think the perspective on Calculator is a little too much right now, I plan on changing that eventually)

For iTunes and AppStore, I took from both the sources and made something that I think fits best. Tristan Edward's icons have too thick a border and use the old same music note and apps store icons. The ones from icreatemagazine have far too thin a border. I made the border on these the same size as the thickness of the circle on the iTunes and App Store icons from iOS 7.

I haven't decided on the trash yet, I don't like any of the designs that have been floating around. And, for now, the finder is left mostly unchanged, but I'll probably try to do something to it.