Keep Reminders and Google Now Reminders

Ok All I can say is here we go again. Google is notorious for duplicating services across its products and when we thought messaging was finally getting fixed they throw another one into the pot. Keep Reminders and Now Reminders.

When Google Now first got reminders, it was great. Finally some native reminders from Google. However Google Now handled them very weird. For starters once you set a reminder there was always some weird way of calling them up, which for the most part required a internet connection. Very annoying when you are on a flight and need to set yourself some reminders when you land but the app is unavailable because your in airplane mode. comes the Google Keep update. Guess What? Reminders. I think this is great because it is the one feature Google Keep was missing to really turn it into a full scale task manager. So I am thinking, "Google Now Integration?" Does that mean all of my reminders in Google Search/Now will sync with Google Keep?


WTF Google? I mean this is the most obvious thing you could have done in this update. Sync Google Now reminders to Google Keep. This would give us offline access to add reminders which will sync to Google Now. In addition would give us a single repository for all of our reminders. Now I have to remember whether I set the reminder in Keep or Now, which is really annoying.