The Moto X is going to be big

This thing is going to sell like hotcakes. Once the first few start shipping and people see that you can customize it and it's actually a decent phone, the floodgates will burst. Apple should really take notice. The crazy thing is that right now, only Motorola is able to deliver this level of customization. Once the other carriers start getting access to the Moto Maker and they add more colours, Motorola will be the big name in Android in the US. Again.

Not bad by Gogorola. The Moto X might not have impressed the geeks, which, let's face it, could care less about this, but for the average consumer, it's a game changer. I hate that expression but in this case it is. My personal prediction is that two out of three women buying an Android smartphone will buy a Moto X. Just because of the colours.