Need help trying to remember name of alternative Mac browser

I remember using an alternative Mac browser a year or so ago that had a very interesting UI that I wanted to try out again. Unfortunately, it's name completely escapes me.

For one, it's bookmarks (?) were set up on the left side of the browser that looked a lot like Ubuntu's desktop. Web icons were made to look like iOS app icons. Here's a rough example using Ubuntu:



that's basically what the browser looked like. just imagine the rest of the browser taking up the space to the right of the bookmarks bar.

I always found it more convenient to have my bookmarks represented as webapps with iOS-like icons over the bookmarks bar near the top.

Only reason I didn't use it much was because I was always concerned with how secure alternative webapps are vs more popular ones like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

anywho, does anyone have an idea of what browser I'm thinking of?