Wacom's Cintiq Companion.

Hey Guys, i guess this would be an ok place to post about it, since it will run windows 8. This is truly exciting for me. It's something that ever since the first Cintiq graphic artists have been asking for. A full blown system inside of a Cintiq. I've been a Windows users and an Apple user for many years. I use both. I always have. For the first time in many years I'm really not excited about any Apple product. Not that they are bad in any way. I've used the iPad for many years and still do. Lots of great desktop class apps, and you can do a lot of great things with an iPad. I use my Mac daily. At the end of the day though, the experience is ever so compromised on an iPad when it comes to real work. With my Mac i have to get my rats nest of cables out for my current Cintiq, set it all up, get plugged into my Mac, and open design software, and by that time the idea that came into my head is gone. This is why the idea of a tablet device has always been appealing to me. It's why even though it was a compromised experience, I used the iPad to get my ideas down fast. There's nothing like being able to grab the device and just go. Though, always a compromised experience with IOS.

I mean on an iPad i can't create a 30" x 30" 600 DPI art file for print. I can't save files with the needed file extensions for printing, or for web. I can't color mange my designs on an iPad, and I'm forced to used a rounded rubber ball tip for a stylus. Wacom also announced that they are making an intuos stylus for the iPad. Which i'm sure will be the best in it's class, but it's still compromised to fit Apples hardware. It's understandable that Apple's main focus is on the mainstream general consumer. That's where most of their profit came from, and that's where the majority of their profit still comes from.

This is why I'm really excited about the Cintiq Companion, and windows 8 in general. When Haswell chips are deployed to future windows 8 tablet devices you will have a truly uncompromised experience. The fact that I don't need to plug one device, into another device just to create something is key. Inspiration comes at such random times. Now I can take those ideas, and turn them into full blown creations for my clients. No compromise. In full creative software. I don't have to go into my office to create. I don't have to be confined to one place to create my full blown work. I can take the device anywhere. I can have it with me at all times. I can take it to meetings with clients and sketch for them. It's what I always wanted to do. At first the iPad seemed promising. It seemed like Apple was going to make the IOS more powerful than OSX. Or at least combine the operating systems, and make a pro tablet device for it's pro customers. That never happened. iPad users still don't have a proper pen input option, and the Mac is just the same thing with some spec bumps each year and some new exterior designs.

I think the future of Windows 8 is actually quite strong. Especially now that the standard desktop environment apps are implementing multitouch right into them. I think this is an exciting time for the graphic artist, designer, illustrator ect. Now of course this isn't a cheap device. It starts at two grand. Though, it's not a device directed at the general consumer. It's not a device directed at an up and coming artist either. It's a device specifically directed at the professional digital artist who makes his living solely from creation. In that case the device pays it's self off. I know my first Cintiq i got years ago did within a few months. The specs in this new Cintiq companion aren't like blow away specs, but they are good. Wacom is saying they put a lot of research into battery life for this device. I just hope it's true. I'm really excited to get my hands on it, and without the use of Windows 8 we really wouldn't have the option of a full blown system inside of a Cintiq.