Lumia 925 on AT&T means no flagship until 2014?

Phablets aside, of course.

I'm looking for the next flagship device from nokia that's in the standard size range (4.3-5inch).

Honestly, I loved, loved the Lumia 920 and its red/yellow glossy plastic shell. Only thing holding me back was that it's a little too thick (if they just didn't build in that wireless charging plate...) and I though WP8 was still a little underdeveloped. My hands are medium sized, so a 4.5 inch screen is great, but when it's as thick as the 920 it doesn't work that well for me.

The 925 is great. In terms of hardware, it's slimmer and still sexy, but not quite in the same way the 920 is. I'm still down to get this phone. Comparing it to the 920 It's like the One X+ compared to the One X. But I want the One :P

Anyways, is the successor to the 920 coming out this fall...? That's the phone I want to get. If it's not, I'll have to settle for either a 920 or 925 - which I am OK with. I don't want to wait till february 2014 for the Lumia 940. While I am happy about 925 coming to AT&T, I am not exactly happy if the tradeoff means no new flagship for a longer period of time.