Chromebooks, perfect for 99%,but the 1% cant shut up

Chromebooks, are great, i am writing this on one, it's one of the "Under-powered cheap" ones, its the ARM Series 3 from Samsung, and after about 6 hours, i must say, I Like this thing... a lot!

Now, this isnt my only computer, and it can never be, but, it's not intended to be, i have a full desktop rig for editing video, photoshop and other stuff, but what about when i dont want to burn 850watts just to browse tumblr or youtube or even the Verge? Also, College, my college course doesnt require me to do any CAD/CAM work, and i'd wager that 90% of people dont need to do anything graphical on a laptop for college, they need a word processor, they need an internet browser, they need a notes app and thats about it, and for those students, a chromebook is awesome, it has Google Docs and Google Drive, which is awesome, it syncs to all my computers,my phones etc, and if im working offline, when i get a connection, it'll sync it all up (i just need to rememeber to save after im done).

And then there is "normal people" , people who dont game on their computers, because they have a 360 ,or a PS3, or a Wii or whatever, these are people who dont edit videos, or photos, because, why the hell would they need to?, these are people thaat turn on their big-ass laptop or power sucking desktop, open up the internet browser of their choice, and check their email in there, they check facebook, youtube,google,twitter,ebay ,the point is, they'll spent the vast majority of their time in their browser.

i conducted a little social experiment, i asked a few people close to me what they did on their computer of choice,

Mum : Google,Facebook,Outlook and Ebay,Banking.

Sister: Google,Facebook,Hotmail (she hasnt realised its outlook now) ,Ebay,Spotify,Youtube

Little brother : Google,Facebook,Gmail (thank god one of them uses the good one) ,Youtube and streaming films

Girl mate : Google,Facebook,Twitter,Youtube,Tumblr,Gmail.

Boy mate : Google,Facebook,Youtube,Hotmail and BBC iPlayer VOD

Now this was just a small selection of people, but they kind of prove my point, these are "normal" people, my mum didnt even realise my Chromebook didnt run "legacy software" she asked me what it did different to her laptop, and after i told her ,it basically browses the web, she gave the usual "well thats a bit rubbish,what can you do with that" but after that, i asked her what she did on her laptop, and it hit her, all the stuff she did on her clunky HP laptop, could be done on my £229 Chromebook, which is slimmer, lighter, a lot nice to look at, quieter, and safer, so much so that she is even thinking about getting one for herself, and one for my Grandmother , so she could do her internet banking and stuff.

Now i know there is a certain percentage of people, that will need a high powered laptop to run CAD/CAM programmes, to render videos and to work on RAW image files, but that is a major minority,like seriously small, people who need to do all this are always the first to hate on chromebooks becasue they dont meet their needs and are therefore rubbish pieces of crap that should never see the light of day in a shop because it "is a glorifired web browser". and unfortunatly, these guys are also the loudest.

Also, these are the guys that want to game on their laptop, and those sick sons of bitches need to stop, Gaming laptops need to die, they are too thick,heavy loud and have no battery life, they probably cause more back injuries than martial arts injuries do.

So stop it laptop gamers, just sssssssstop it!

But like i said guys, for the Majority of the Population a chromebook would be perfect, even my ARM one, which is by no means the most powerful, owuld be great, becasue its probably faster than what they already have, they can do everythingthey want to on it, there arent any viruses to be scared of.

So for the sake of the 99% , please STFU 1%, or get a better argument.

Sincerely, a Happy Chromebook user