How to remove Moto X bloatware

Just bought a Moto X from AT&T. Owned a (now broken) Nexus 4 since last November, and it's basically a faster/smoother version of the N4. Highly recommend it.

Anyways, there are (only) 2 pieces of bloatware on the phone.

1. AT&T Visual Voicemail - go to settings>apps>all, find Visual Voicemail and disable it. Easy.

2. AT&T Address Book - when you first open the people app, it will ask you to set the app up. Hit cancel, and you will be disagreeing to the terms and thereby disabling it.

If your phone was like mine and AT&T guy probably turned it on before giving the phone to you, go to settings>apps>all, find AT&T Address Book, force stop, clear data (if available) and the cache, and restart your phone. Then open the People app, you should get prompted like above; hit cancel. Done!

This is probably obvious to a lot of people, but thought I'd put it here just in case.