Two packed Apple events.

So the Vergecast crew had some doubts and predictions about when and how new Apple products would be announced these couple of months. Now I want to hear your predictions.

Let's assume there's going to be two events, one in September and one in October. How do you think the new products (and which) will be announced? We've got plenty to choose from. We've got the iPhone 5S, the iPhone Colour, the iPad mini 2, the iPad with Retina display, the Mac Pro (which has already gotten a "Fall 2013" release date), possible iMac, Mac mini, (Retina) Macbook Pro and Apple TV updates (perhaps spec bumps?), iPod updates (will the Classic finally get an update after more than 1400 days ago in 2009!?), and of course the mythical iWatch and iTV.

So go ahead, pick and choose, mix and match your predictions.