Reed Hastings Should Move To Top of MSFT's CEO Queue (...List)


For the last decade, Microsoft has been characterized as an vulnerable, glue-eating, money-hungry nerd that doesn't "get it". Every new major product release is often said to be Microsoft's "last opportunity" to become relevant again. From the declining sales of PCs to struggles in the mobile space, it's clear that Microsoft needs a come-back.

No doubt, Steve Ballmer has taken the brunt of the blame for the company's missteps. There are differing opinions as to whether he deserves all of the heat but he certainly deserves most of it. Sinking $900 MIL into a "a few" too many Sufaces makes one question whether Ballmer's ambitions could be better described as delusions. Sure, the value of the company has climbed steadily during his tenure as CEO but the growth pales in comparison to that of other kids' on the block, Google and Apple.

So now we play the guessing game. I'm putting my vote in for Reed Hastings. Hastings took the PR disaster that was Qwikster and steered Netflix back in a profitable, innovative direction. PR disasters are all too familiar to the Redmond giant as of late. Microsoft needs a course correction.

While Microsoft's holistic, new strategy has been designed, it's execution is in its infancy. From Hastings' experience founding and running Netflix to redefining how people consume video content on the web, he has a record that suggests he is, at the very least, a capable candidate for taking the helm at Microsoft. Having served on the company's board of directors (from 2007-2012) doesn't hurt either.

Sure, the ability to undo Netflix's missteps doesn't necessarily guarantee the ability to do the same at Microsoft; notwithstanding, it is evidence of the resilience Microsoft needs moving forward. I could go on about the guy but it might be easier to just watch the mini-documentary below.