The Moto Watch: How it could change the human condition

Motorola Mobile is a mobility company.  If you're not planning on a watch, you better start now.  You can capitalize on making the most durable, most useful, and most battery efficient watch that the market has ever seen.  

You sell it with features. Feature such as:

       - Biofeedback.  Expanding your self consciousness.

         On the watch face, I have the ability to see all the information that is relevant to me. Not only does my watch show time and message, but my watch can indicate my mood, my heart-rate, and even to what I have coming up next with Google now integration.  By integrating a super computer and a sports sensor; I, like many other users, will essentially grow as a self-conscious being.  I become aware of how stressed I am right now, if I'm sleeping well, how far I ran, if I'm unsafe to drive, and how to become a better person.

   - Security.  The screen only turns on when you are looking at it.  
         I can leave the screen on with a gesture for sharing.  Otherwise, if the watch doesn't detect that I turned my hand to look at it, my life stays private.

   - Always listening. Your world is always listening for your voice. 

         Paired with my phone, I have the entire world at my disposal.  Google Now is always listening. 

   - Living in the Now. Google Now is always there.
         Aggregating my data from the phone and adapting to be useful in every situation I'm in.  Bike mode will start up a biking app, driving mode will queue up music or podcast controls.  Text messages can improve to actual conversations. Yeah, the 2-way radio style is a thing. We're not talking to ourselves anymore, we're talking to people. I can speak as quickly as I want to my friend, and she'll actually hear my voice, not Siri's.  

I have more ideas, but I'd like to know if you like where I'm going with this or just to make sure that you're listening.  The rabbit hole goes deeper.....

                               - Brent