My next phone: what should I get?

Eighteen months ago, I signed a two year phone contract with Verizon for my Galaxy Nexus. For the first year or so, I enjoyed the beauty of stock Android. That was until I noticed the horrible issues with battery life and an extremely underwhelming camera.

Now it's August 24th and as of yesterday, I am due for an upgrade. I am ready to purchase a new phone but for some reason, there's nothing out there that I really want. Let me go through my basic needs: battery life. I need to have a phone that lasts me throughout the day. I commute to school and using the Galaxy Nexus this year was just plain horrible. Secondly, I need a good camera. Albeit, it doesn't need to be perfect, but I do take a lot of pictures. I am also really into Instagram/Vine.

Everyone will tell me to either get the S4 or the HTC One. But I've been spoiled with stock Android that I could never go back to TouchWiz or Sense. The HTC One has great hardware but that button placement is off putting. The S4 is just too big. The next obvious choice would be the Moto X, which I am heavily considering. I like the form factor, and 16GB is not really an issue to me. I heard the battery life was pretty good but on the contrary, the camera is severely lacking. I don't know if that can be fixed with a software update or not.

I know most user here would tell me no, but I am also interested in the iPhone 5S. "WHAT?" I know what you're thinking. I've never owned an iPhone despite wanting one for many years. Being on Verizon made getting an iPhone impossible until the 4 came in 2011. By then, I was already heavily invested in Android. But let's be honest, it'll have an amazing build quality and stellar camera, we all know it. I'd rather not go this route, especially since I'll most likely lose my unlimited data and Android has a great way of limiting what you use.

Any sort of guidance will be greatly appreciated. I am done with this Galaxy Nexus and it's dreadful lag. I like the Moto X a lot despite not having the greatest specs but the camera is huge a turn off. Is it really as bad as everyone says it is?