Droid 5 leak!

This might be the greatest news of 2013 for me. I do all my work outside the office and I need a physical keyboard for work. I have loved this keyboard series and know that other professionals like myself have counted on Moto to keep this line alive.

If you hate keyboards, just realize that you already have every other phone on the market to choose from. Professionals and enterprise users are going to love this phone though. I don't even want anything crazy, just update the SOC, display and camera. I see a lot of business users still loving their Droid 4 and can see this being a huge hit for businesses.


The song I was thinking of when I read this leak:

Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight (via 0pinchy0)

Fans of hardware keyboards have at least one reason to keep rooting for Motorola's Droid line, and these leaked pics suggest it will continue on. Posted on Weibo, these supposed Droid 5 pics show a QWERTY slider that seeming drops the capacitive buttons of its predecessors, and brings wireless charging, NFC and a "shockproof" water / dust resistant design. The laser cut 5-row keyboard we appreciated on the Droid 4 appears to be intact, along with a screen in the 4.3-inch to 4.5-inch range. The conveniently placed Verizon 4G LTE logos also places it as a higher-end companion to the just-announced LG Enact as Android options for fans of hardware keyboards. Any other details are still up in the air, if you have a login for the Chinese social networking service you can check out the source for yourself at the links below.