What features from Android are missing in iOS 7?

The difference between iOS 6 and 7 is night and day. Some of the short cuts and quick settings menus that Apple is bringing with iOS 7 will make iOS devices so much more user friendly and pleasurable to use. I am not sure there are many things that iOS 7 is missing over Android that an average user uses on a day to day basis. The Control Center is probably the biggest and most useful addition iOS has seen after the notification center IMHO.

One thing I am not sold yet on iOS 7 is the 'whiteness' in some of the apps such as Settings. It just feels too jarring and bright. Also the title of the apps sometimes go off center when the name of the previous menu on the top left corner (to go back) is comparatively longer. I know it is not a big deal, but I am a little OCD about such things. I wish Apple would have thought of a more elegant solution there.

Granted there will be no file management or custom keyboards or options to change default apps, but I don't think the average iOS user really cares about those anyway. Are there any glaring omissions that I am missing?