I'm torn over my next

In a matter of days my wife will undo the disruption caused when we switched to a regional carrier to "save money"; it was a poor decision and I have learned my lesson.

She is about set on an iPhone, mostly because she doesn't want a huge screen, but currently uses Android. The problems comes with what I want and my lack of experience due to the carrier.

I will be switching to Sprint as where I live they blanket quite well I'm torn between the GS4, One and Moto X for these reasons.

Most of my life is built snapping pics of my children, both under 5, and I need something that can compete with that. I don't stream a lot of video on the phone, mostly podcasts. And I work at a desk so all day batter for me isn't a terrible concern. Also I live right one the Blue Ridge Parkway and outside, scenic, pics are just to abundant to pass up.

I really love the construction of the One but I'm afraid of the 4MP camera.

I currently have the original Galaxy but hate having to install so many other things to cover up Touchwiz

The X looks nice but it's hardware doesn't seem to align with the price compared to the previous two.

Point me in the right direction...which is the better overall choice?

I'm leaning One only because that Aluminum looks amazing!