The best minimal gear for photos and videos. dslr/m43/bmpc/nex

I seriously need some advice in picking the best gear for me. I want to get into videos that's why Im thinking of getting Blackmagic Pocket. I'm a Nikon guy now though, so my lenses won't be perfectly compatible.
What I have now:
35 1.8
50 1.4

I would prefer to have max 2 cameras. I want to be as minimalistic as possible. I was considering selling d7000 and buying new Panasonic GX7 with 20 1.7.

-focus peaking
-ex telephoto mode
-60p movie mode (slow motion thats not possible on bmpc)
-high quality video
-electronic viewfinder
-with 20 1.7 it fits in my pocket/jacket

Then, I could get a metabones speedbooster for Nikon G and use Nikon glass with both cameras. Later I could get the new Sigma 18-35 1.8 that would be incredible on both cameras. Unfortunately it's all manual focus which is kind of annoying for photos and lack of stabilization would force me to use a steadicam for videos.

So maybe Olympus OMD? In body stabilization in that thing looks incredible. I could use speedbooster and nikon lenses and get it stabilized. Unfortunately video quality is not as good as gx7 and its a fairly big camera which makes me want to reconsider sticking to D7000 and its marvelous ergonomics.

I was thinking of getting rid of everything Nikon and jumping with both feet into m43 and buying GX7 + 20 1.7, BMPC + 14-35 2.8 but native m43 depth of field (or lack of therefore) makes me want to stick to bigger lenses/sensors.

What about Sony NEX? Are they any good? NEX7 looks quite interesting and i could probably use my nikon glass with it since its apsc. Then again, its not compatible with Blackmagic Pocket and Sony Lenses seem to be twice the price, half the performance.

I cant spend crazy amount of money so I'm looking for a sensible compromise. I just want to solve the puzzle and get few things that will work nicely together.