Dear Cable Cutters

Dear cable cutters, I am planning to cut the cable. To start off, I am a cable fan. I love cable and Comcast Xfinity and I think nothing comes close to it. With that, I am willing to test dark, murky waters of cable cutting. I don't know where to start or what to do. Should I just purchase season passes of my favorite shows? Should I get apple tv, roku, google tv? I alreadly have an xbox, is a it good enough substitute? Should I get netflix or hulu (which is better)? As you may have notice, I am but a child in this domain and I wish to ask for your expertise. Here are the shows I love watching: Bad Girls Club, Love & Hip Hop, The Real World, Shameless, House of Lies, Californication, Games of Thrones, Girls, Mad Men, Archer, Justified, The League, New Girl, Raising Hope, The Mindy Project, True Blood, The Newsroom, East Bound & Down and anything ESPN (albeit, I can live without it, sadly). Please, cable cutters, tell me what are my possiblities!