The Verge vs. F11

I have a problem, you see:

In every browser F11 is the fullscreen toggle. It's one of those standards that arose without any conflict, they all use F11 for fullscreen just because F11 = fullscreen. I use it all the time. I use it so often that I bound it to one of the extra buttons on my mouse.

At F11 is used as a "speed-reading hotkey". I don't use speed-reading commands, I do not use them at all. happens to have a great number of articles that I'd like to read... in fullscreen (see where I'm going with this!?) where I can appreciate the beautiful layouts. My instinct to jump to fullscreen is however routinely greeted with pain. Why am I now slingshotted into the abyss? Where is my fullscreen? Why must you be the only one? Why have you forsaken me?