Im a Youth Pastor and I make slideshows and flyers all the time, so Im always downloading cool fonts. I put them in a group titled Youth, however I was looking at all the fonts i have and I never use ALOT of the standard fonts that the computer comes with. I've also noticed that when I click the fonts menu to select a font, the menu takes a good few seconds to load, and i even get the spining/loading cursor. I dont have alot of downloaded fonts right now because I regularly delete the ones I dont need anymore. That wait everytime I click the menu is really annoying, because i try regular, bold, condesnsed varieties of fonts so i end up clicking it a good amount of times each time im on word, publisher, powerpoint, etc. Not to sure if this is a Microsoft Office issue, or just my Macbook Air 2012 13in.

Any ideas?

O and what are some cool free fonts that you all know of?!