Why does Microsoft release things half assed?

I am seeing this pattern in a lot of Microsoft products and services and it seems to me as though the product teams at Microsoft just want to release things at the earliest rather than making sure they are working fine 100% & most importantly usable!

1. Google Integration with Outlook: The other day, I was surprised to see a popup on my Hotmail side panel that I can chat with Google contacts directly from Hotmail. I decided to give it a try and boy guess what I found.

There were 32 contacts online on my Google Talk messenger and the Outlook thing shows only 4 of them to be online??

I honestly don't think anybody is going to use Outlook to chat with Google contacts but seriously this is just ridiculous.

2. People Hub on Windows 8: There is a way to add Facebook, Google contacts into People Hub and I was pretty excited about it, thinking that I can maintain one common address book and even use it not just on my Windows 8 laptop but also on my Android device.

But, this whole integration thing is like a big big joke and mess! I have saved my phone contacts at Google contacts and I see not everything has been imported into the People hub. Sometime I see a random email contact. Sometime I see ghost email ID's. I mean if MS has decided to try something innovative, Why don't they make it complete and usable?

3. Skype messaging: I understand Skype on Android and iOS is better than WP and is certainly more reliable than WP. But I just don't get the idea of 2 users to be online when having a Skype chat? There is no offline messaging possible and there is no ability to send any files if the user on the other side is not online.

Isn't Skype just unusable without this key feature?

Are these three the end? Certainly not. I will keep updating this post whenever I come across such half assed attempts.