Just got a Lumia 920

Bought it for $300 off contract, so quite pleased about that. First thing I want to say is I feel sorry for everyone who says this phone is a tank. Couldn't be further from the truth, feels great in the hand and slips into my jeans with ease. Anyway, I have gone from Windows 7.8 to Windows 8, updated my phone to Amber and wondered if there are anything I might be missing. I have my lock screen updated with my location periodically (Map Wallpaper). I have a slew of Nokia only apps such as pro cam and smart cam. I also love the camera, I literally have always had the worst phone camera so it makes a big difference to have a great one. Any Windows Phone 8 only apps I should have a look at? Any lock screen apps I may have missed? Any new settings (apart from glance screen, call block etc) Biggest gripe with the phone, when updating to Amber, I didn't realize you have to separately update Display+Touch and extras+info in order to actually get the settings to allow,you to use Double tap or Glance screen. Big oversight there!