Any San Francisco-based T-Mobile or Sprint users out there? How would you rate your coverage/reception?


I'm coming off a company phone (changing jobs), and finally have to get my own contract & handset. My company phone has always been with AT&T. Service has been OK, but reception in my apartment has always been relatively poor (I live in Pacific Heights). I'm finding myself quite tempted by the deals I'm seeing coming from the likes of T-Mobile & Sprint, but I don't know much about their coverage. I've read that Sprint has the worst 4G/LTE coverage of all the networks, but when I look at coverage maps (like the ones at, it looks to be OK in my area. Am looking for some "Real People" reports, from the front lines. What are your experiences with these two carriers? Can you make/receive a call when you need to? How's your mobile data? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.