Why Do Surface RT/Pro Owners Love Their Device?

Are they lying or not honest in their review (at Amazon, BestBuy, MSFT Online Store, etc.?

So I will leave you with some quotes from an article in ZDNET by Ken Hess on 22 Aug 13;

The Surface has taken quite a beating since its release last October. Analysts write everything from, "The Surface is doomed" to "The Surface is already a failure". It's true that the Surface didn't grab the world by the throat like the iPad did but sales to the tune of a billion dollars is no failure. If that's a failure, please give me failure—success doesn't pay as well. But, as you know, analysts will say or write almost anything to boost readership or watchership. Even I was affected by some of the industry naysaying over the Surface. My son Connor was not. He loves his Surface and has dubbed it, "The best tablet for school".

I tried to convince him otherwise.

I tried to steer him toward the iPad because of its sheer ubiquity but he stood firm. It was really the Surface or nothing. I relented.

To be honest, I wasn't really behind the Surface at first. When I finally got to work with it and discuss its features with Connor, I realized how superior the device is.

It's more portable than a laptop due to its size, weight, and battery life. At it's core, it's Windows, so it has all of the features that other Windows-based computers have. Plus, you have Microsoft Office, the ability to print locally or through a network, and you have a keyboard.

One of the "hidden" features of the Surface is that keyboard. Not all keyboards are created equal. The Surface keyboard is perfect for student who take their computers to class because it's silent. Silence is golden in a classroom. Instead of hearing everyone banging or tapping away, you hear nothing.

Another feature is that the keyboard to Surface setup allows you to prop up the Surface as you would with a laptop screen, so that you can type, look at the monitor, and look up over the screen to see your professor or teacher, and the white/black board, overhead, or demonstration at the front of the class.

My opinion is that the Surface is an excellent student computing system. From its ultra-portability, to its Windows interface, to its easy printing, and to its silent, classroom-friendly keyboard, the Surface is the perfect tablet*** for students.

What do you think of the Surface as a student tool? Do you think it beats the competition or is there something better? Talk back and let me know.