Back to Uni - Shopping list

I go back to university late September to continue my Product Design degree.

I've worked my ass of over the summer, saved up and am willing to treat myself. I'm commuting to university, so I'd rather keep it minimalistic, light and educationally future proof.

This is what I have in mind.
Desk - Micke Desk - Already Purchased - £60
PC - i7 8GB - Rendering Workhorse - £750 (adding a video card in the future)
Moniter - Acer 23inch Touchscreen - £300

Sketching I - iPad (5th Gen)+ Sketchbook Pro + Paper + Bamboo Stylus - £500
Sketching II - A4 Sketchbook + Drawing Pens - £50
Total £1660

Please, comment on my shopping list, whether or not to include certain items. Budget limit ~£1750

Incase you're wondering. Currently, I work with a weighty 3.7kg Compaq, an iPhone 4S plus multiple sketchbooks.