Just had a quick hands on with the Moto X

So I just spent the day at a bunch of tech stores with my friend, and we ended up at an AT&T store with a Moto X.

I gotta say, WOW!

The phone, the way it sits in the hand is amazing. It's so light in the hand but it feels so sturdy at the same time. It feels so small too! But the screen is still such a great size. I put the phone next to my Xperia Ion and I just felt depressed. After seeing this phone in person I realize I want it so much more.

Even my friend, who updates his iPhone model every year held the phone next to his and muttered "what the hell am I doing with my life".

I gotta say, this phone is much more impressive in person, to me at least.

But I gotta know, where is the $500,000 in marketing on this phone? There's so much potential out there to reach. Imagine TV commercials with teenage girls customizing their phone to every color they want, not enjoying it, and then sending it back to get another one. And.....and other cool things.

I just feel like they have a bunch of potential here, but I'm not seeing them tapping it yet.

Thoughts? Am I behind?