Why do most Verge commenters hate BBM so much?

I'm not sure if it just a Blackberry in general thing, but when it comes to BBM every single article i encounter is met with people scoffing at the idea, saying why not just use WhatsApp? Etc. Now i know Whatsapp is virtually everywhere, but i absolutely loved BBM. Also people love to talk about competition on everything else, yet BBM it is the opposite. One thing i loved about BBM is how it was a community in itself, I also loved the PIN feature. A person on the last article said this:

I can’t ever imagine myself in a situation where I would want to communicate with someone enough to give them my BBM PIN, but not enough to give them my actual phone number.

Just recently someone commented "It was a hit at the dating scene" so i give kudos to this individual, but this was the prime reason BBM was great, the lack of needing personal information, whether it be a SN (Screen Name), number, name, email address all you needed was a simple Pin and can add someone, i loved that! What i also don't understand is people saying "too little too late", BBM was never obligated to be on any platform, it was one of Blackberry strengths and unfortunately for the company past CEO's allowed Blackberry to dwindle. The same can be said about Windows Phone being "too little too late", yet people defend it and everyone attacks Blackberry. As a person looking from the outside, i'm curious, forget about Blackberry OS as a whole, but why the hate for BBM?

BBM strengths so far (Credit TommesJames)r:

  • profile pictures
  • status updates
  • connected apps
  • delivered and read indicators
  • unlimited length
  • a boatload of emoticons
  • file-sharing
  • screen-sharing (live)
  • voice chat
  • video chat
  • - groups with group chats, group pictures (comment-function included), group events and group lists
  • - "Channels" to follow (like Twitter)

(Disclaimer, don't know if this will actually be on the BBM versions for Android and iOS if so very compelling)