Internet bewares: SOPA is back!!

Last year, when the highly controversial SOPA bill was finally shelved, mixed amongst the joyful cheers of online public were lines of caution that warned: "On your guards, brothers! It will come back!".

Well, that now proved true as the government is reportedly trying to revive the SOPA bill again - and apparently, most if not all of the most restrictive and dangerous clauses are retained. Some reports noted that if this version of the SOPA bill comes into effect, not only that downloading but also streaming or online performance (in any shape or form) of any copyrighted material will be a felony.

Essentially, with the new law, embedding or sharing Youtube videos that contain copyrighted materials - on your blog or Facebook post, for example - will result in prison sentences (you don't even have to be the one who uploaded it, just sharing it is enough), as will performing song covers, satires, writing fan fictions, commentaries ...

With the bill back on the table, jokes about the new law have already surfaced:

"3 prisoners are chatting.

Prisoner 1: What are you here for?

Prisoner 2: Killing my dad and brother.

Prisoner 3: Killing for drugs. What are you here for?

Prisoner 1: Writing fan fiction.

Prisoner 2 & 3: *scoff* and so you are here with us?

Prisoner 1: Yep! I sure do!"

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