Android Vs. iOS real life situations (not flame-bait read more).

Not sure if this is a stupid idea and will weep if it is, but here goes nothing:

I would like to make a sort of game/discussion about Android vs iOS. I often see articles of Android users like myself saying "I did this on my Android and the iPhone can't" Only to have someone rebuttal saying "have you not used iOS lately! It can do this doing x,y, and z". So i would love for a formatting like this (very optional of course):


The other day i used my HTC One and my friend had an iPhone, i opened the remote control feature and he was blown away by the fact i can change any station and see a TV guide.




Well, in iOS 7 they introduced iRemote where you can use the iTV-R attachement to control any tv remote features effortlessly, etc. (fictional of course)

Link to iRemote: Click here

Demo of said feature:


So the honest point of this is to see if i can conjure up scenarios where Android might literally excel at a specific feature or find out the misconception that the iPhone can't do a specific feature because most Android users haven't used one in a while. Also, if a iPhone user wants to point something out that they like about the iPhone that they don't' know if Android can do it is welcomed too, i only put it in the Android forum because Android is said to have a plethora of features over iOS. Also, if a person is going to mention rooting, they have to consider a counter of a jailbroken iPhone as a good rebuttal.