How Important Is Internal Device Memory To You?

I recently picked up a Kingston MobileLite Wireless for review, and I have to admit that I was impressed with it. It's basically a media streamer that uses a USB/SD card to stream any media you have to your tablet or smartphone.

Now that raised a question to me. Just how important is internal device memory when you're on the look for a new smartphone or tablet? I mean, in the past I've taken a hit and gone for the 16GB iPad instead of 32GB because of cost and ultimately, I'll still be restricted to 32GB anyway!

Gadgets like the MobileLite Wireless give you the ability to go for the lower memory devices and still be able to have all the media you want on the go, but what are your views?

Are you more likely to spend the extra amounts for internal memory or would you be happy to carry a secondary device that'll be able to hold all of it?